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Ball Pattern Player Pattern Stats Odds Starts In Game #
V. Calabrese
Wins: 84
Losses: 204
Yes: 3.13
No: 1.28
V. Calabrese
Wins: 214
Losses: 42
Yes: 1.09
No: 5.56
V. Calabrese
Wins: 71
Losses: 152
Yes: 2.86
No: 1.33
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Wins: 84 / Losses: 103
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Player : V. Calabrese

Pattern Stats: Wins: 84 / Losses: 204

This challenging pattern forces the player to play certain types of difficult shots for desirable positions. Ball 1 is a prime example as the player must decide whether they are confident in making the in off with back spin, or play the cue ball through the right side of Ball 1 to have a clear shot at Ball 2, risking a collision with the other balls.

Ball 2 may be very difficult to line up cleanly as a result of the choice made from ball 1.

Placement from Ball 2 to Ball 3 is reliant on the shot type played for Ball 2, it can be very difficult if the player was forced to perform a long cut or in off, leaving the cue ball at the end of the table behind Ball 4.

Playing Ball 3 with top, side spin will allow the player to gain an advantageous position for Ball 4.

Depending on the angle from Ball 4, Ball 5 can be as tricky as Ball 2, with the same issues. A daring player might try to force a collision with other balls.

Ball's 6 and 7 will only be difficult if the player has moved them unfavourably close to the table edges.

Player : V. Calabrese

Pattern Stats: Wins: 214 / Losses: 42

This easy but potentially troublesome pattern starts with a light and clean shot on Ball 1 for placement to Ball 2, the only challenge is ensuring that the cue ball, Ball 2 and the pocket do not line up as that limits the options to get onto Ball 3.

Once onto Ball 3, top spin can be used to gain a favourable position for Ball 4.

Following Ball 4 to 5 is the same as Balls 3 and 4, and Balls 6 and 7 should not cause any problems unless the player collided with them when positioning for Ball 3.

Player : V. Calabrese

Pattern Stats: Wins: 71 / Losses: 152

This is a challenging pattern designed to force the player to play a very strong, left hand spin shot off ball 1 to get position for ball 2.

Ball 2 to ball 3 should be played with top spin to be able to shoot ball 3 from between balls 4 and 7. This is the hardest shot in this pattern due to the precision needed.

With slight backspin off ball 3, ball 4 should be off center allowing the player to draw the cue ball back to ball 5, providing a clear shot for ball 6, then finally ball 7.

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