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Invest in Neil Robertson 7BallRun, the purest form of Cue Sports
Invest in Neil Robertson 7BallRun, the purest form of Cue Sports
7 Ball Run on multiple devices opens the game to new levels of experience
Our Platform Creates Hundreds of Markets a Day

With 7BallRun’s unique, patented technology we can turn a sport of few daily markets into an entertainment experience set to entice and impress even the most seasoned punter. We pair our unique mathematical algorithms with historical player data and real-time electronic ball tracking to create individual shot probabilities and thus markets on not just individual shots but also on a series of shots in any cue sport game.

About Us
Break-less pool where players are against a ball pattern and not against each other

Our vision is to bring gamblers into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology. Clients will experience an event like no other via the purest, most unparalleled betting experience ever offered. Strict environmental controls will ensure the game is incorruptible whilst the patented opportunity to back or lay a micro event / seven ball runout, is no doubt the purest form of gambling on the planet.

Our mission is to provide a lucrative income for all cue sports athletes who can perform at the highest level.

Our goal is world domination of the fastest paced, most fair, live professional sport that can be wagered on with zero corruption.

Our Team
Meet the team and read about our unique blend of experience that has allowed us to revolutionise the world of sports betting
Vinnie Calabrese, Neil Robertson 7BallRun Super Eight Pro
Vinnie Calabrese
Jason Lahser, President and CEO
Jason Lahser
Joakim Axelsson, Chairman
Joakim Axelsson
Mats T. Hillerstam, Director
Mats T. Hillerstam
Carl Svensson, System Engineer, Hardware Integration Expert
Carl Svensson
System Engineer, Hardware Integration Expert
Fujimi Bentley, CTO
Fujimi Bentley
Neil Robertson, 7BallRun Brand Ambassador
Neil Robertson
Brand Ambassador
Michael Buck, Patent Attorney
Michael Buck
Patent Attorney
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